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Best swimming pool games for kids and adults

Summers are the best time to enjoy some refreshing swimming pool games. But summer or winter, the water baby in you must be thriving for some exciting games in water because the water never ceases to show its magic of soothing us. Now it’s time to enjoy some cool and exciting swimming pool games. And yes, it is devoid of gender, breaking the bars of age, because we have a list of exciting swimming pool games for adults and kids.

Splash the fun in!

30 Best swimming pool games for kids and adults

1- The invisible bottle

This is a swimming pool game meant for both adults and kids is fun yet exciting splashing game. It can be played for both by making a few variations accordingly.

It might sound simple but is a bit hard nut to crack. 


How to play:


- First, fill a clear 2-liter bottle with pool water. Try to use bottle caps, with color that suits the pool tile color. 

- Let the players line up at the deck of the pool with their back facing the pool. 

- Throw the bottle filled with water into the pool. 

- Now with a ‘go' the players should dive into the water and find the bottle. Whoever finds it first wins

2 - Treasure hunt

This fun little one is the best swimming pool game for kids


How to play:


- Hide something at the base of the pool. 

- Let the kids in a team or individually find the sunken treasure diving in with their swimming goggles and suits. 

- The one gets the treasure wins the game.

treasure hunt

3 - Ping-pong madness

The fun-filled ping pong game is among the best swimming game for kids of any age. 

Let it be a birthday party or kiddie day, kids find happiness in water and small customized pools. Get some ping pong balls to add their happiness. This is one of the fun and active water games to play in the pool. 


How to play:


- Toss the ping pong balls into the pool.

 - Let your kids race around swimming and splashing and capture them all. 

- Whoever collects more balls, wins.

4 - Shark and the minnow

The exciting swimming pool game for kids with fear, speed, giggles, and slash.


How to play:


- The game goes like this, there will be a shark in the middle of the pool. When the game starts with a ‘GO' kid who is Minnows standing at the deck of the pool, jumps in and tries to get pass the shark without getting tagged by it. 

- With giggles and screams the shark tags each player until one is left.

shark and minnow

 5 - Floating golf greens

This exciting game of water golf is a swimming pool game for adults to enjoy.

Let it be a party or a get-together, adults always find a game to stick together and when it comes to games in water, what about an exciting floating golf game. 


How to play:


- Grab a floating golf ball. 

- Form two teams and chip the ball into the real looking golf greens from the sides of the pool. 

- The one who sinks the ball with the fewest shot or the team with score ten wins the game.


6 - Beach ball volleyball

Volleyballs are always a fungo game for adults. When it is a game of swimming pool the fun is doubled.


How to play:


- Set up a shallow net along the two poles of the pool.

- Grab a ball and make a team of four plus members. 

- Once the team is formed, splash the ball from one side to the other. 


This is the best swimming pool game for adults.

7 - Chicken fight

The fun active fight is the best swimming pool game for both kids and adults. It can be played together with your kids and family.


How to play:


- The battle in the water begins with two teams of two players to form the chicken. 

- One stands tall in the water and the other one sits on his or her shoulders. 

- The excitement begins when the opposite team squares off to grapple the chicken and knock them off from the shoulders. 

- Once the fellow falls off to the water with a splash, the opposite team wins the game. 


Now that's an interesting way to spend your family time for all those water babies.

8 - F-i-s-h

Akin to the H-O-R-S-E in classic basketball, here you phase the fish in the water. This funny swimming pool game of mimicking is meant for both adults and kids


How to play:


- The game is simple; you just have to mimic the opponent in this game of swimming pool. 

- If the opponent does some kind of tricks or poses for 5 seconds, the other player has to copy it accurately. 

- The failure in copying the actions gives the player a letter. The first one to sound FISH is splashed.

9 - The octopus

The octopus is one of the best water games to play in the pool for kids. The rules are fun and easy. 


How to play:


- There will be an ‘it' at the center. 

- All the other players must swim to the other side without getting tagged by it. 

- Once you are tagged by the ‘it’, you should join hands with the ‘it’ in the middle. Gradually a big line forms in the middle, which becomes exciting for the players to pass one. 

- The one to be the last wins.

10 - Marco- polo

Water hide and seek, that's what Marco-Polo is for kids in the pool. It is a game of tag in water. 


How to play:


- There will be a chosen ‘it' with closed eyes is Marco. The rest of the players becomes the Polo. 

- They have to move around with a clap and avoid getting caught by Marco. 

- Just like the game of hide and seek. It is fun and exciting for kids to play in the water with those splashes and chill.

11 - Jump rope water splash

This is a fun splashy game for tiny tods to enjoy the summer pool party.


How to play:


- What you need is one big jump rope and a few paper cups filled with water. 

- The game is to make three consecutive jumps without spilling the water out. 

- There will be four players, two holding the rope and twirling and the other two with a paper cup full of water. 

- They have to jump into the water holding the cup of water.

12 - Greased watermelon

A funny greasy swimming pool game for adults, this can also be a fun activity for kids too.


How to play:


- The bunch will be divided into two groups. 

- Now grease a gourd with some petroleum jelly and toss it in the middle of the pool.

- At a ‘go’ the players have to grab it and pass it to others until a score is made with a goal. 

- The greasy gourd and the flowy water are going to give you some tough and fun time passing it.

13 - Frozen t-shirt contest

A freezing game for both adults and kids

Prior to the game, you have to soak a t-shirt in water, then tie each on to a ball with a string. Now freeze it for 2 to 3 days.


How to play:


- There will be 2 groups of 2 players. Each team will be given a frozen t-shirt. 

- Each has to thaw out the shirt as quickly as possible using any means of tricks. 

- Together thaw it out and win. Hmm… this is gonna be some freezing cool stuff in the water.

14 - What is the time mr. fox?

Mr. Fox is here, beware kids! Make your kids pool time fun and fantastic.


How to play:


- One among the player will be Mr. Fox, standing at one end of the pool. The other kids, on the other end, has to yell at Mr. Fox, what is the time? 

- If Mr. Fox replies, for instance, the kids have to swim 5 steps ahead. 

- At any point in the game, the Fox might say it is ‘lunchtime'. Now you are trapped, swim back to the initial point without being tagged. 

- Whoever reach first without being tagged by Mr. Fox wins the game.

15 - Airball 

An airball is a fun freaky water game to play in the pool for your kiddo parties.


How to play:


- Get a beach ball, pass it without touching the water to one another. 


This also a fun game for your family time. When in the water maintaining the slippery ball is a fun task, and pools with its larger space and to float and swim around turns it exciting.

16 - Wet shirt relay race

How about a race in the water? Enjoy chilling with your friends in the chill water. The best swimming pool game for adults, with a competitive spirit and a fun time. 


How to play:


- This will be a game of two teams, each team will be having 4 to 5 members. 

- Both teams will be given a large t-shirt. The 1st player in the line has to wear this T-shirt, at ‘go’, the person has to swim to the other end of the pool and swim back.

- Now remove the t-shirt give it to the other member in your team and they have to repeat the same. Just like the relay running race. 

17 - Scavenger race

A game of 5 to 10 players best for kids to enjoy their pool party. It is just like the game of treasure hunt but has a long duration and a countdown to strike off. 


How to play:


- You just have to put a few plastic sticks or gold coins into the pool. 

- Now kids have to collect it and bring back the collection. The one who collects more coins in less time period wins.

18 - Freeze

An exciting game for kids to hear that giggles and jiggles all around.


How to play:


- There will be a selected ‘it’. 

- The other players have to swim around the pool without getting tagged by the ‘it’.

- Once caught, the player is frozen and cannot move until another player unfreeze them. Warning: no freezing allowed underwater!      

19 - Tug of war

What about a war in the pool? Get along with your buddies to play the tug of war inside the pool. It creates the best fun time for all adults devoid of age.


How to play:


- Get along a thick rope to tie alongside both ends of the pool. 

- Just like the tug of war, form a line of two groups. 

- The team pulls down the other into the pool with the splash wins.  

20 - Through the rings

An active game for your kids, where along with the game they equip several swimming skills.


How to play:


- Line up the rings in a row inside the pool. 

- Let your kids swim through the rings at a swift speed, floating like a duck. 

- The one who finishes with the quickest time gets the pool popsicles!

21 - Duck push

Squeaky ducks, pool and a bunch of crazy kids, the pool time is the best fun time with these three.


How to play:


- The game should have at least 3-4 players, each with a rubber duck. 

- With a ‘go’ either using their nose or blowing air, push the rubber ducks throughout the pool to the end. Strictly, don’t touch!

22 - Top belly flop

A thrilling water game to play in the pool with your crazy bunch. This is one of the best swimming pool games for adults to play with your gangster gang.

The game is not an easy breezy one, but sure to evoke the splashy laughter in the pool. 


How to play:


- Leap or dive from a top diving board with extended arms and legs and execute the loudest, though a bit painful smack while touching the water.


23 - Splash dance

The game is all about creativity and fun and can be played by both kids and adults.


How to play:


- There should be around 8 plus players, break into teams and choreograph a dance or a skit within the pool using any tricks in the water, props, pool lights or even costumes. 

- The funniest and creative minds win.

24 - Water troops

This game of swimming pool is the pool basketball for adults


How to play:


- Just like the game of basketball, there will be two teams, but no dribbling, instead splash the ball to swamp it into the basket by swimming.


25 - Raft battle 

The battle begins in the pool and ends in the pool. One of the best swimming pool games for kids to enjoy their pool parties.


How to play:


- All the players should float around the pool in their inflatable boats.

- Each one has to push the other player off the raft or upturn the raft in the water.

26 - Noodle jousting 

Ohh. the noodle poodle is fun going game for both adults and kids


How to play:


- There will be 2 rafts with 2 players.

- Each player has to pool noodle, that is a push towards each other and the other one off the raft, only using the poodle.

noodle jousing

27 - Colors

A colorful pool game for kids.


How to play:


- There will be an ‘It' in the game and the other players will be lined up on the other end of the pool. 

- Whenever ‘it' calls out a color, the player wearing the color has to swim around to the other side without getting caught.

28 - Pool master’s toss n splash

This swimming pool game for adults has the option of staying wet or either be dry on the deck. But fun is devoid of splashes and chill!


How to play:


- This floating game has 9 pockets with different point values and 10 balls.

- Each person takes the chance to see who throws the maximum balls and score the most.


29 -  Numbers crunch 

A pool time game for your kids.


How to play:


- Number 20 to 30 ping pong balls with a permanent marker and scatter them in the pool.

- Make your kids into a team of two and with a ‘go', let the players swim around and collect each ball, one at a time and throw it into their team basket. 

- The one with the highest score wins.

30 - Cardboard boat race

Yes, you heard it right! no noodles and flippers, but a cardboard box. Try it with your gangster gang or your naughty little ones. 


How to play:


- Make a boat out of a cardboard box and duck tapes. 

- Once the boats are ready to row, with a ‘go’ let two players paddle across the pool as quickly as possible. 

- The first in the race wins. 



So these were the list of swimming pool games for both kids and adults. Now stop scrolling and go splashing!